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Personal chefs and yacht catering are great additions to a yacht vacation and are easier than many may think. They also offer a wide range of predetermined fully customized menus for any party size, duration on the water or port, and any special dietary requirements are able to be addressed.

One of the most important things when planning your trip is deciding who will be responsible for your meals; the personal chef or the yacht’s chef. You will need to choose one person or more to handle this duty and that person should be able to help you select a menu and prepare the meals in advance. If you want a special dish prepared ahead of time you can also make that request.

You might prefer to have your own special cuisine prepared for the occasion. That may require more advance planning, but it is worth considering. In some cases you might be able to cook whatever you like on your yacht. However, if you do have special dietary requirements or would like a special cuisine prepared for the event, then you will have to find the right person to cater for those needs.

If you feel you have your own special needs, you may be able to hire someone to cook on your boat. If this is an option you should explore all of the options available before you decide. There are many companies in the industry who specialise in yacht catering and if you are happy with their services you may not need to look further.

If you have a lot of family and friends coming along for the party and only need to cook a few small parties then hiring out yachts as a caterer could be an option for you. Just be sure to ask about any extra costs that might occur as you are dealing with a very large group. Some people even find they have to pay a little for the use of the yachts for this purpose as some of them are very large. It is worth asking for all of this information before making a commitment to anyone.

If you have a few guests then it may be more sensible to leave it up to the owners of the yachts to plan the cooking of the meals. This can save you quite a bit of money, although this can also mean less control over the meal choices as the owners may not cook everything. If they don’t cook it, you will need to make choices and make them in advance.

You also need to consider the preparation of the dishes. You don’t want to go over budget as this can put more strain on you financially. You will need to provide all the foods at least 3 weeks prior to the event. However, some companies do offer an extended supply which gives you more flexibility.

It is often possible to find a full menu to include in the package that comes with the yacht, but be sure to check with your company about the food to make sure you know what you want on your yacht before going away. Most yachts will have a list of pre-cooked dishes that are available so don’t be afraid to ask about this. It is also a good idea to book early to get the best deals on these types of meals so that you don’t end up eating something different once you get there. If you have any special dietary needs then you will be able to have the food prepared in advance so that you won’t have to wait.

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